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An Indispensible Guide to St Helen’s Vocab

You’ve got tickets for Preckyfest for 1st July 2017 – so you’re almost set.


For those of you who are new to St Helens, it might be a good idea to scrub up on the dialect.

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We’ve compiled a list of sayings and words that are only heard from this neck of the woods. Do you know your tetterash from your quilt? No? Well, read on!

Your new vocab may well come in very handy when you land in the beautiful town of St Helens – famous for Johnny Vegas, glassmaking and now, Preckyfest!

Words and phrases you might hear during your visit to St Helens:

Woolyback – what scousers call people from St Helens, Wigan, Ellesmere Port, Widnes, Birkenhead, etc
“That’s proper Wool behaviour”

Born at Pilks – in the way
“Get outta the way of the telly! Was you born at Pilks?”

Jarg – Fake
“Her handbag looks jarg as”

Having a jangle – gossiping
“I was having a jangle all afternoon”

Lid – Man
“C’mon lid, hurry up”

Split – half chips, half peas
“I’ll have a split and a can of Dandelion and Burdock”

Tetterash – tea or dinner
“Your tetterash is in the oven”

Antwacky – Uncool, unfashionable
“You’re looking pretty antwacky today, lid”

Quilt – Generic insult for someone
“That guy over there is an absolute quilt”

Down the banks – To retaliate or give grief to someone
“He wouldn’t keep quiet, so I have him down the banks”

Dibble – the police
“What’s happened at Donkey Common? The dibble are all over it”

Knitted your face and dropped a stitch – Something said to a person down in the dumps.
“Wassup lad? You looked like someone knitted your face and dropped a stitch”

Skrikin’ – Crying
“Sssh! I’ve think I’ve just heard the baby skrikin’”

Cock – a sign of endearment
“Alright, cock?”

Peas above sticks – Snobbish
“Ooh, she’s a bit peas above sticks”

Sounding like Stowers horse – eating noisily
“Close your gob will ya, you’re sounding like Stowers horse”

Get the no7 bus – in reference to someone acting silly or daft
“Pack it in or get the no7 bus”

“Grilfriend – as in “Gooin arrt wiff ar maud”

“As in ‘Yer soft melt’”